Our Team

Nate founded Ellipsis Studios for the purpose of turning out feature and episodic narratives. Together with his team, Nate has recruited directors to helm in-house productions. He has also teamed up with outside producers and directors to collaborate with them on their productions.

Early on Nate conceptualized several narratives. Several were developed first as short films and have since been developed into feature film productions.Nate is also involved in recruiting and cultivating talent within the company itself.

Other key areas of focus for Nate include a technology project underneath the Ellipsis Studios umbrella which expands the scope of entertainment the studio would be producing.

Nate is a Senior Partner and Executive Producer at Ellipsis Studios.

After leaving the United States Navy, Travis Waldroop worked in the security industry. He took some time to do theater work here and there, staring in "Harvey" as Mr. Wilson, and as Malforce in "The Clumsy Custard".

Feeling that his calling was somewhere hidden in the entertainment industry, Travis continued to write while working. Turning to a indie picture by Vyrus Films called "The Coffee Break" Travis was able to snag one of the leads as Officer Richard Johnson.

Today Travis is an Executive Producer and Senior Partner at Ellipsis Studios, where he is developing several feature films and also working behind the scenes as a jack of all trades.

With a passion for creativity combined with over 20 years in the technical field, Matthew Nadreau has become an instant success within the special effects industry.  His ability to push his boundaries with both practical and digital effects consistently shocks and surprises audience members, staff and crew, as well as himself.

Matt's initial interest in the effects field began with costume design and professional movie quality mask creation.  Of course, once he combined his technical skill set to the stage and screen, he instantly knew he found his niche working with both digital and practical effects.

Matthew’s props and effects have already found their way into several short and feature length films. When he is not busy designing his movie magic for projects, Matt continues to build his brand name and online presence by teaching other upcoming directors, film crew, and special effects artists the secrets to all things “Special Effects”.

Matt is currently involved in an upcoming horror film as a producing partner and as a special effects and editing wizard.

Learn more at: http://www.mischiefmattie.com/

In front of the camera, Chris Castle captivates. Behind the scenes, Chris is a creative entrepreneur with vision, and refined talent, infused with classic Hollywood charm.

From an early age Chris embraced his creative side, eventually pursuing his passion to Hollywood. His dedication to acting helped him land several lead and supporting roles.

Chris is at work on developing a passion project and continues to act within the industry. Chris can be seen in several upcoming feature film productions from Ellipsis Studios.

Learn more at http://chriscastle.ellipsisstudios.com/